Until 2015, I could not bring myself up to going to the gym consequently and if so, then only for girly classes like aerobics. Once, I even had a year membership booked and only visited the gym two times that year.

I had an incident in 2014, in UK, where I lived at that time, and I broke my left leg. It was a disaster for me. I had a recovery time of 3 months and then a period of reha(bilitation) to learn to walk again; it’s been a very hard time and I decided things had to change regarding fitness and sports for me.

After I recovered, I went to the gym with more dedication and even hired an English personal trainer. It’s been good for my discipline but did not bring any visible results.

In 2016, I moved back to Hamburg, Germany. My gym (McFit Eiffestrasse) was right around the corner and I had enough discipline to do some cardio during the week. After some months, my dedication started to slip and the lack of a personal trainer showed.

I looked around. There was this outspoken muscly guy in his green cloths, coaching his customers at the gym on a daily basis. He caught my attention with his positive and dynamic attitude. I am mainly shy so I did not feel brave enough to speak to him direcly. So, I took his business card from the counter and sent him a text.

Sascha, that was the PTs name, answered in a professional, detailed and interesting way and I instantly felt “ this guy is great. I am in good hands!“ My british PT never ever gave me recommendations like Sascha’s first answer to my sms.

We met for a consultancy session at the gym, it’s been 1.5 hours including an initial training. I had such a muscle hangover after. And I wanted this guy to train me.

Ever since I am training with Sascha. I have never trained so hard and with so much fun. Results are being tracked and reviewed weekly. My nutrition plan has been completely revamped and I am nearly there with my own „very-best-and-hard-worked-for“-six-pack.

All I can say – try a consultancy, Sascha is worth „every penny“ and for me, he’s been my one and only PT  for 3 years in a row now and will stay my PT commitment for the rest of my life